How To Class - Basic & Advanced
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How To Class - Basic & Advanced

B.Y.O.B - Bring Your Own Bike - or Beer!
This is your chance to finally fix that shifter you've been meaning to. Or do a proper bike check before a big trip - whatever the problem!

We're giving you hands on expertise to help you with everything from the basics, to the more technically skilled repairs. With each class, you'll go from the ground up in your knowledge of your very own bike!

This is an open format presentation so you don't have to bring your own bike to join the class.

Spots are limited for the B.Y.O.B(Bike). Category - so only 4 Bikers Per Class - Reservation Required.
Call or Message Us to Reserve Your Spot Now.

With our Master Techs combined experience of over 30 years, there's nothing we haven't seen or tackled. Be it branded bike - Bottom Bracket Designs - Or Common to Uncommon Issues.  This is the best way to save on your tune up rate and get taught at the same time. It's a total Win Win! 

You'll have your own bench with all the tools necessary to perform a full tune up on your bike with our guidance.

Classes will include plenty of Q & A to talk about particular mechanical skills and or riding styles in general.   It's a bike party and we all get to enjoy some nice festivities in the mean time.  You'll only gain that better knowledge you've wanted or enjoy some awesome discounts for attending the class. 

12/9 - 12/16 - 12/23
Classes are $75 for Bring Your Own Bike - 12 Spots Open
Reminder - Call Ahead and Reserve Your Spot -
Entrance Fee - $10 for those looking to hang out and enjoy some Beer and Festivities! We'll have snacks and beer from our local friends at The Beer Cellar & Blackberry Market

Adults Only 21 & Up

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